Jan 28, 2010

Gothic metal from The 13th Floor

If you haven't heard of Sirenia yet, you are missing out on some really captivating gothic metal and rock music. Originating from Norway, the band also features some classical music influence in their sound and the angelic voice of lead singer Ailyn (who is also known for Spanish reality TV), Morten Veland performing guitars and vocals (clean and harsh on various tracks), Jonathan A. Perez on drums and Michael S. Krumins on guitars.

The 13th Floor
The 13th Floor is the band's latest album. It was released in 2009 and features the following tracks:

The 13th Floor

01. The Path to Decay
02. Lost in Life
03. The Mind Maelstrom
04. The Seventh Summer
05. Beyond Life’s Scenery
06. The Lucid Door
07. Led Astray
08. Winterborn 77
09. Sirens of the Seven Seas

Here's a preview of the album with the track, "Path to Decay":

After listening to The 13th Floor, I would definitely have to classify this band as one of my Top Five Gothic Metal Bands. That reminds me, I think I'll put that list together for a future blog entry. Stay tuned for more...

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