Apr 19, 2009

The Tale of Despereaux

Tale of DespereauxI watched The Tale of Despereaux on DVD yesterday afternoon with my children, my sisters, and other members of our families. My sister actually had brought the DVD over to our house so we could watch it together during for my son's birthday gathering.

I really enjoyed the movie. Remember how I mentioned that I liked CGI animations? Many of them are done so well that I wonder if the creators just find people whose voices matched the characters so perfectly or if they model the characters after the people who do the voices. (If anyone knows the answer, please tell me...I'm really curious!).

Unlike the movies Twilight, Interview with the Vampire, the Da Vinci Code, and The Notebook (which were all based on novels) I didn't get to read this particular book before watching the movie. So when I watched this movie, I was expecting a sad but cute story about a mouse with big ears. That expectation was only partially true. While the movie centered around the cute mouse with Dumbo-like ears, the storyline was really more about overcoming challenges imposed by physical appearances. I'm going to have to read the booknow to find out how it compares to the movie.

Until I get the chance to read it, I recommend watching the movie. It was very touching and inspiring. I think viewers of all ages would enjoy the movie. My family certainly did.

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