Dec 13, 2008

Angels and Demons

I'm really looking forward to my birthday in May 2009 --- no, I'm not really anxious to get another year older. It's just that May 2009 is when the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's Angels and DemonsAndels and Demons will be released. Tom Hanks reprises the role of Robert Langdon, Dan Brown's famed symbologist character in the series.

Angels and Demons

I've been reading the novel for the past two weeks (slower than my usual reading time). I really want to get to the end of the novel already, but it's just so intense that my emotions get quite affected while reading it and so I had to take some breaks reading it. The details are so vivid that I can imagine the characters moving and talking, almost as though the movie is already playing in my mind. I wonder though how much of the book had to be rewritten or possibly cut out of the screenplay in order to make it fit into the two or three hours that the movie is supposed to be.

I read The Da Vinci Code a few years ago when one of my sisters gave me the book for my birthday. That book indeed deserved all the controversy it generated. Dan Brown's frequent references to actual people, historical events, and facts made the story seem too real to not be true.

A couple of weeks ago, I also finished reading Dan Brown's Deception Point. That book, too, seemed very realistic. However, unlike The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, Deception Point's storyline was not in a religious theme. It was more about politics and corruption at the government level. There was even a bit of humor injected into that I didn't think Dan Brown had, considering the seriousness of his other best-selling novels. It was a well-written novel, too, but in my opinion, has nowhere near the level of intensity that Angels and Demons possesses.
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