Dec 7, 2008

Lucky Striker

Lucky Striker
There's metal band from the U.S. Virgin Islands that I haven't heard about much lately. I recently checked out their myspace page and saw that they haven't logged into their site since August 2008. Makes me wonder if they're still making music together. They had a full-length album which was released in February 2006. What makes them stand out from so many other bands I've heard is that they released their music for free on the Internet, with a statement that MUSIC IS ART. ART IS NOT FOR SALE. In fact, when you visit their download site, they ask that you do not redistribute their music for sale or ask anyone to pay to listen to them. They share their music as an art form and believe that art should be appreciated and not sold.

Lucky Striker

Here's a video I found on YouTube from this band:

Lucky Striker consists of three bandmembers: Caedes Akirohan (Vocals/Guitars/Samples), Sylvicious (Drums), and WBR (Bass Guitar). Their music style reminds me somewhat of Nine Inch Nails, maybe a little Marilyn Manson as well, yet they still sound very original. Although I've listened to their music on myspace a number of times, I decided to finally download their album off their website in the odd chance that they might no longer make it available for free or just disappear into oblivion (you never know).

I hope my readers get a chance to listen to this band, too, sometime and enjoy the music that they released for us all to enjoy. Hopefully this band is still together and will get some new music out again soon. I look forward to hearing some new music from them.

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