May 16, 2009

Reaver - an industrial music treasure from Virginia

Industrial music is an interesting form of music. I would describe it as a cross-breeding of rock, new wave, and gothic influences. However, it can range from an almost hip-hop style of rock to a dark metal style. Wikipedia describes it as comprised of "many styles of experimental music, including many forms of electronic music." Industrial music is definitely not maistream music. It is often labeled "underground" music because they deal with often controversial (and taboo) subject matter. You hear it used in theatrical performances and as background music in movies or TV shows featuring gothic venues. In fact, many performers of this genre use theatrics and special effects to intensify the surrealistic and psychedelic atmosphere of their shows.

There are many industrial music bands out there. Perhaps the most modern one known to many is Nine Inch Nails. Not too long ago, I wrote about one I really like called Lucky Striker. Here's a really interesting sounding one I recently discovered from my very own local area in Virginia...

Reaver is based out of Yorktown, Virginia. This band consists of four talented "kaoticians" - the lead vocalist who goes by the name "R" (does it stand for "Reaver", I wonder?); Miko LeStrange who does synthesizers and backing vocals; +Synthicide+ who does the live electronics, sampling, and percussions; and ScareyPete who also does percussions and metallic noise. They recently signed on to the Radio-Active-Music label where their latest album, Eternal Psychonaut is being promoted and sold. You can also download the full-length MP3 version of the album through Just click on the album title below to visit the download page.

Eternal Psychonaut

You can also visit this band's official myspace profile to stream their music and find out more about them:

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