Oct 1, 2013

Two Thoughts about Two Former Child Stars

So I heard that Miley Cyrus claims she knows exactly what she's doing and has full control of herself, including her use of weed. Now, I'm not going to get into the debate about weed use and all that. My blog is about celebrities, art, and music, after all...

I will admit that I have listened to and enjoy some of Miley Cyrus' music.  And while I don't particularly care for her movies, I did think that her Hannah Montana Movie was pretty good and decent entertainment for young people. I also thought the soundtrack for the film was enjoyable, especially the song The Climb. That's one very inspiring tune!

What I don't understand is why someone who seemed to enjoy being a celebrity role-model for teen and pre-teen audiences grew up to equate adulthood with recklessness, exhibitionism, egocentrism, and just plain disregard for everything she once was taught to respect and value.  Like nothing we learn as children is supposed to mean anything when we become adults.

Seriously...I don't get it.  I thought growing up meant being able to have better control of one's self, perceptions, attitudes, behavior, etc. and not the total opposite.  And if that caring, responsible young adult is actually still hiding somewhere inside Miley, I would venture to guess that her weed use is actually controlling her more than she is willing to admit. 

It's kind of sad, I must say.  Amanda Bynes is another former child star who started acting erratically as she became an adult.  I only began to take notice after numerous news outlets were reporting her tweeting a few rude comments about other celebrities.  At first it seemed like she was just trying to get a little attention.  Then she began doing it more frequently and showing up in public places in the craziest attire - and she wasn't even dressing up like that for shows (like she would if she were Lady Gaga - and she isn't!). 

It's good to know though that her parents actually cared enough to step in and get her the help she desperately needed for her "personality disorder" (personality collapse, seemed more like it at the time).  I hope she recovers and gets back on track to success.  She doesn't have to try to be "cute" again...I would just like to see her become the adorable, lovable person she reflected in the past.  I just don't want to see another "wholesome" childhood star turn the meaning of adulthood into trash and disregard for all the good things they were once taught to respect and teach others.  Most of us normal, average people didn't end up doing that, did we?

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