Oct 15, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts about Reality TV

I am not much of a reality TV show fan, although I have watched a few in the past and here and then...the first reality show I remember watching was way back when MTV had The Real World.  (I think that's about the time MTV stopped playing music videos).  I only watched the first season of it though.  The next time I watched a reality show was when SURVIVOR came on and one of the contestants was a retired Navy Seal from Virginia Beach, VA.  I thought it was soooooo cool because I lived in Virginia Beach at the time.  So my friends and I were all rooting for our city neighbor - Rudy Boesch.  I also watched Rockstar: INXS and Rockstar: Supernova, which I've blogged about here on LiggyzDreamz a few years ago.

Nowadays, it seems like every TV network has some kind of reality show every day/ we can't get enough of our real lives that we have to watch everybody else on TV!  Yeah, I know! 

I love music!
The first thought I'd share is there is one show I like to watch on Mondays/Tuesdays - this season's NBC's The Voice.  I haven't watched earlier seasons (because like I said, I'm not much of a reality TV show fan).  I did, however, watch video clips of earlier show contestants at my sister's urging and found them to be not only entertaining but also quite interesting. 

Interesting, I say, because the show's format is so unique compared to other shows that I know of.  The celebrities actually compete with each other to get the contestants they want to choose them as their coach.  Yes, the contestant actually gets to choose the celebrity coach that they want to work with for the show. Then the coaches work with the contestants on their teams, train them, and then have the contestants compete against each other in group and solo performances.  What we do as audience members is cheer on our favorites and enjoy the show!  Plus when it gets to elimination rounds, we (the audience) get to vote for our favorites by phone, text, or tweets!

Check out the excitement in this video of very talented Tessanne Chin performing Pink's song, "Try".  She got all four coaches to turn around during blind auditions...that means all four coaches wanted to get her to choose him/her.  And then check out the coach's surprise when she chooses -- I'm not saying who, you gotta watch the video!

I just think she's got a great voice!  There are lots of other amazing talents on the show this really ought to check them out!

The second thought I'd share is I am not exactly sure why shows like The Voice are categorized as reality shows.  If you google "reality shows" you get a list of shows which include these talent competitions.  Is it because the shows include video clips of the contestants' backgrounds?  Or is it because they often give us video insights into the making of these shows?  I don't really know, do you?

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Cheryl said...

You and I are nearly on the same track as far as reality shows. I watched the first couple of seasons of the Real World and the first couple of seasons of Survivor as well. I enjoy the talent compitions and have watch most of them at least some. (American Idol, The Voice, X Factor) but there are just too many to keep up with all of them at this point.

The Voice is a bit different in its approach and they seem to always have some great talent.

As for Tessanne...WOW...what a talent and she is exotic looking. Very pretty, I think.


Trina said...

Reality TV is terrible! I've watched a few shows here and there (Rockstar being my favorites) But categorizing The Voice and The X Factor as reality seems off, we never qualified Star Search as reality TV, just another show.

Wolf always changes the channel when reality TV comes on, something about "If he wanted to listen to people fight he'd call his kids" LOL

Clicks for you!

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

I have to agree, the talent shows are nice to watch. But all the other reality shows seem to keep trying to outdo the last one. The fighting seems to get nastier and the crying is getting louder, yuck!


Liggy Blough said...

Yeah I picked that video of Tessanne because her performance really got me she sang one of Pink's songs that I like. I hope a lot of viewers like her too and vote for her.

Liggy Blough said...

Yeah we normally flip channels too when reality shows come on, too. I agree...there's too much unnecessary drama on a lot of them and a lot of the dirty laundry they air out - my gosh!

Liggy Blough said...

There are also way too many unstable families living their lives out on TV. I'd much rather watch the make believe world of Truman in Jim Carey's movie The Truman Show than most of what they put out on reality TV these days.

oldereyes said...

Hi, Liggy -

I can honestly say I've never watched a reality show of any kind. I do sometimes watch performances by the winners I like after the fact on YouTube. But then again, you could write a very long book about the TV shows I haven't watched. But you're right ... Tessanne Chin is great.