Sep 22, 2013

Jared Leto As A Woman

Can you believe the one in the ziggidy striped red and black top is Jared Leto?  Yes, the front man of rock group 30 Seconds to Mars, actor in such critically acclaimed movies Requiem For a Dream, and director short films using the pseudonym Bartholomew Cubbins?

He supposedly shed about 30 pounds to play this transgender woman named Rayon for the upcoming movie Dallas Buyers Club, which also stars Matthew McConaughey.  I was so impressed with Jared Leto's performance in this film.  Check out this clip with him and Jennifer Garner (who plays a doctor in the same film).

Doesn't he play that part so believably well? Now if you didn't see him in Requiem For a Dream. you should.  It's just such a tragic, realistic depiction of how drug (heroin) addiction can destroy lives.  Even if you already know what it can do, seeing how the characters' lives spiraled downward gives you an even deeper understanding of the devastating consequences as well as an insight into why people who do get addicted to it find it so hard to get over it.

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