Sep 5, 2013

Christian Grey...for real!

The news has been out since Monday...Wow, who guessed right?  I certainly didn't.  I was voting for Ian Somerhalder:

Secretly, though, I kinda wanted to see Armie Hammer play the part.  I like his tall and handsome looks, his ability to look rich and snobby, and his deep enchanting gosh, have you listened to him talk?!  But I doubt he would've taken the role, given that I don't think he's into that type of role. Not after playing the Lone Ranger and recently playing the handsome Prince opposite Lily Collins in Mirror, Mirror

I kind of expected Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd to have a pretty good chance of securing the role.  I heard he even wanted the part and stated he already has the "right experience" from his role in True Blood.  He has the right looks and can definitely portray the variety of mixed emotions and attitudes that define the "Fifty Shades" of characters that is Christian Grey.  He can brood. He can show dominance without even saying a word, just by his towering height and facial expressions.  And he can also express a very gentle, submissive side that can break any walls put up by a defiant leading lady.  (If you saw him in the 2010 film Melancholia you'd understand what I mean).

I am not at all disappointed, though, with the selection of Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey.  I have seen him in a variety of roles...Sons of Anarchy, Deadfall, Pacific Rim, and Hooligans (to name a few) so there's no question of acting talent. I think he really CAN do justice to Christian Grey...especially when it comes to the red room. 

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