Jun 12, 2012

Two Thoughts for Tuesday

First it was Twilight, then it was The Hunger Games, now it seems women everywhere are driving sales up for Fifty Shades of Grey and getting really bloggingly excited about it! That includes me! I read the first book and am half-way through the second book (Fifty Shades Darker).

To be honest about it, I wouldn't be reading it in public like those women in the picture (LOL!) because it is classified as adult reading material (erotica). Twilight and The Hunger Games, on the other hand, are found in the Young Adult/Youth sections of libraries and book stores. The "Shades" series definitely does not fit in there. ;)

My first thought about this all is that there are just as many negative reviews out there about the book as there are positive reviews. On one hand, here's an inexperienced and working class girl, Anastasia falling in love with an elusive billionaire bachelor, someone everyone thinks is wrong for her (even Grey himself tells her that) but then there's this side to her who's wanting to find out more about why he's that way (with those deep dark secrets)...and if there's anything she can do to "change" him. Hmmm...aren't there a lot of women out there already like that? (The book Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives by Laura Schlessinger comes to mind here...)

I don't want to spoil the book for someone who hasn't read it yet and plans to, but I think the book is really more about the female character trying to differentiate between falling in love for the first time and becoming increasingly addicted to sex (and there's a lot of it described in the book). What I think fuels a lot of readers' imaginations is the fact that the main characters are described as enviously good-looking people (definitely gotta be fantasy and not everyday people).

My second thought for the day is how there's been so much hype about who will play who, now that Hollywood film makers are planning to turn this trilogy into a movie. There must be a lot of readers looking for more info about the planned movie because since I started posting my own ideas about who might play who, suddenly my post last year about Ian Somerhalder (who happens to be one of the popular choices to play the title character, Christian Grey) has been at the top of my blog's popular posts for the past few weeks.

I have yet to finish the second book and find out what happens in the final book so I can't make a final judgment call on this trilogy yet. But I can tell you one thing - as soon as I got to the last page of the first book (on my new Nook, of course), I had to quickly open the next book to continue. If it weren't for my current obsession with playing Bejeweled 3 on my DSi, I'd probably be done reading them now...LOL!

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