Oct 14, 2011

LiLo, what happened to your teeth?!

If it's not gossip about celebrity spouses cheating on one another (yeah, I meant Ashton "What a Loser!" Kutcher) or about some celebrity's private nude photos getting leaked on the Internet (which I say, if you don't want others to see them, then don't take them in the first place!), then it's comments on a celebrity's physical appearance.

Oh yeah, why not talk about it? So here I am giving my "two cents" about the latest on Lindsay Lohan. Poor girl...she seemed like such a promising young star until she decided to let partying, drinking, and drug abuse become the highlight of her life. I noticed last year how this lifestyle was making her physical appearance age rapidly. But now the media is taking notice of her teeth. Look at how her teeth seem to be deteriorating:

 Back in the sweet, "innocent" days...

 Here we see lines already forming "too early" for someone in her early 20s.  My gosh, it's like she's trying to look as old as her mother!

And here, I don't know whether these photos have been altered before posting to the various websites, but if not, then LiLo really needs to see a dentist and get them fixed.  Afterwards, she needs to seriously make changes in her life to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  That includes watching her diet, quitting (if not cutting back on) smoking, and even regulating her sleep habits.  Obviously all those factors (and possibly more) are damaging her health.  Changing is not impossible.  Other celebrities do it...

Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/

And LiLo, as a fan of yours, I highly encourage you to take some steps to take better care of yourself.  I don't want to see you go downhill because I know you've got a lot of talent in you. Don't let yourself get lost in the crazy world of celebrity.

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