Oct 11, 2011

Two Thoughts Tuesday - Mums and Me

I try to keep my blog posts here about entertainment but with the arrival of the Fall season - shorter days, cloudy skies, cold nights, etc. - I just start to feel BLAH!!! So this year, I decided to ward off those seasonal "blues" with "reds!!!" Aren't these flowers so bright and cheery? I found a wonderful deal for these mums at a local plant nursery and decided to get a few pots. It just made my day because I had never seen mums this color before. I've only seen yellow and white mums, which I've had before but could never seem to keep going the following year. We'll see with these ones this year...

I transplanted them in some nice white pots I found on clearance at Kmart.  My miniature roses in the square-shaped pots are not in bloom right now but I think they'll hold up and greet me with some lovely flowers come springtime. 

In the meantime, I think the Fall season is starting off great with these lovely red mums to greet me when I come home from work each day...whaddaya think? 

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