Sep 28, 2010

LiLo, time to grow up!

Like so many child stars, Lindsay Lohan grew up in the spotlight and seems to have melted in the spotlight.  I have not been following Lindsay's life closely like I follow music, but I see her name a lot in the celebrity columns and I feel like putting my two cents in.  Or as a BlogDumps member would say, I'm putting my two thoughts in for Tuesday.

If I were her friend, this is what I would want to tell her.

I understand, Lilo, life is hard.  We all go through those awful growing pains.  Unfortunately when you're a celebrity, surrounded by a lot of people who "want" to be your friend, raised by two opposites who could not keep it together in more ways than one, and the media trying to make every little thing you do public knowledge, those growing pains can even harder to deal with.  Besides that, the public eye can be very, very scrutinizing.

It kinda saddens me that you're one of a few celebrities who actually had intellectual potential but chose to give up on it. From what I read about your performance in school before you became home-schooled, you were really doing well in science and mathematics. So if you decided to leave showbiz, you probably could've succeeded in an academic field. But something in your life seemed to make it hard for you to stay on one path. It's like you were looking for something else - something to make you happy and fill a void in your life.  And that's why you made so many wrong turns in your life.  You just couldn't find what you were looking for.

All that partying, drinking, and drug abuse is taking its toll on your once youthful and healthy body.  I'm sure there are people out there who really care for you and want to see you get your life back in order just like Britney Spears is trying to do.  And look at Robert Downey Jr.!  Man, he has really turned his life around after that self-destructive spiral.

It's not too late,'re getting there.  But you have to learn to grow up - unlike perhaps many people close to you have failed to do.  You can do it as long as you stay strong.  If you have to get yourself away from the media for awhile, you should do it.  It may give you a chance to clear your head, your thoughts, your emotions...and learn to truly love yourself.  That's one of the secrets to growing up.  Love yourself and others will love you, too.

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AngelBaby said...

It is so sad to see her throw her life away. I remember when my granddaughter was young, agents from the movie industry would ask us all the time if she could be in this show or that one and we always said no. We wanted her to be a little girl and grow up and decide for herself if she wanted to be an actress. The reason we said no is because of all the LIlo's out there. We wanted more for her.

Here's your click ..........

Love and Blessings,

Liggy said...

I totally understand what you mean, AngelBaby. I have cousins who were asked to be in movies, too, but their parents said no for the same reasons you pointed out.

Wolfbernz said...

It is sad what the "popular" movie stars have to go through. I say we all create our own path and hopefully she'll find a better, healthier path to follow. It's never too late to be an amazing role model.

Happy Tuesday,

Trina said...

Being in the spotlight has ruined many lives - Lilo and Britney Spears top the list. Their hard lives, the paths their parents put them on, their amazing popularity and the extreme scrutiny they suffer. Are those girls any different then any other 20-something year old trying to find themselves through impossible situations?

I say boycott paparazzi and give these people their lives back.


oldereyes said...

Hi, Liggy -

I tend to be cynical about the celebrity lifestyle. I think once a person is overdosed on adulation for years and years, they become immune to genuine concern. And they discard the friends who tell them they should do anything other than what they're doing. Sometimes, hitting a bottom can snap them out of it. The media doesn't help but we're each responsible for ourselves.


Bud aka Older Eyes