Sep 20, 2011

Two Thoughts on Tuesday

As we get closer to the release of Twilight's Breaking Dawn and with lots of Hollywood talk surrounding the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman movie, I was thinking about Kirsten Stewart today. She stars in both of those movies.

I feel somewhat embarrassed to admit it but when I first watched Kirsten Stewart in the 2002 movie, Panic Room, I actually thought she was a teen-aged boy.  Seriously!  I think it was her tomboyish looks that made me think that, even though her character in the movie was that of Sarah Altman, the daughter of Meg Altman (played by Jodie Foster).

Nine years later, I definitely do not think that the same thing about Kirsten Stewart.  In fact, I think she's really grown up to be a very lovely young lady.  (Better-looking once she kicks that skin-damaging cigarette habit). 

In any case, from her youth to her adulthood days, I think Kirsten Stewart is a very talented actress.  She can display fear, anxiety, pain, and what have you so believably that you can relate to her movie character very easily.  Maybe that's half the reason why a lot of young fans want to be "Bella"...

Hmmm...or then again, maybe they just want to be that girl in Edward Cullen's (Robert Pattinson's) arms...What girl wouldn't?  Oh yeah, a Team Jacob fan - that's who!!!.

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Cheryl said...

I too thought she look androgynous in Panic Room. Was she a girl trying to look like a boy or an effemminate boy.

I agree that she is turning into quite a pretty girl. I am not a huge fan of the Twilight movies but if I was going to pick a team I would be on Team Jacob. Is that not the team to be on? I don't have any teenagers in my family to keep me on the straight and narrow of what the cool pick is.

Liggy said...

Ok cool, I wasn't the only one who thought that about Kirsten.

And yeah, Team Jacob is where I am, but those who read the Twilight books know that Edward is who Bella ends up with. The kind of love she had for Jacob is way different, and besides that, Jacob falls in love instead with Bella and Edward's child. It's a strange story...I didn't finish the last book because I wanted to see how the movie shows it first.

Trina said...

I didn't realize that she was the kid from Panic Room.. I really enjoyed that movie.

I am team Edward... but only because I read the books. From the visual perspective Team Jacob is far, far more appealing.

Happy Tuesday!

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

I had to ask Trina about these movies. Turns out I've seen them LOL

Kirsten Dunst is turning out to be quiet the actress, the upcoming movies will be quite interesting to see I think.


oldereyes said...

My son and wife both tease me that I don't know any modern actors by name, so you have to include a picture if you want me to comment :). I'm not enough of a movie fan to have favorites.

Good to have you back on Tuesday, though.


Liggy said...

Oh, LOL! I just realized I spelled K-Stew's name all wrong throughout this post! It should be "Kristen" and not "Kirsten" but I'm too lazy to go back and edit all the instances I misspelled it. :p

Ophelia said...

Not really sure how you could start the series and not be dying to finish it, Liggy! Ha ha ha! When I got to Book 3, especially, I just had to go on to Book 4 and finish up the story. I desperately needed to know what was going to happen to my dear Jacob (yes, Team Jacob all the way!) after Bella and Edward got engaged to be married. No spoilers there, we all know already that Bella and Edward got engaged. But to me it was clear that Bella was in love with both men, and to say that her love for Jacob was a different kind of love, well that is not quite true. I won't say much more so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't actually read it, but as someone who wants the best for Jacob, I have to say that I am happy for him - very happy indeed - for the way the the natural-born enemies (Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf) finally made peace with each other in the end, which could never have happened without their mutual love for the human girl and her deep love for the two of them. (Sigh!)

Liggy said...

Ophelia, it took a lot of will power to avoid finishing the books. I just really wanted to surprise myself when I watch the movie (even though I know it would be hard to be surprised when a lot of fans constantly talk about it...hehe!)

Ophelia said...

Oh, Liggy, I totally understand what you mean about wanting to be surprised! I wish I had as much willpower. I just can't help myself sometimes. Good for you! Just be sure to go back and read the rest of the book after you see the movie so that you can compare and see how Stephenie Meyer intended the story to end. Normally if you read the books first, you could get disappointed with the movie versions, if they don't quite meet your expectations, but if you watch the movie first, there's less chance of that. At least when you do read the book after, I imagine you can appreciate both the movie and the book! Enjoy! :)