Sep 27, 2011

Toryn Green and For The Taking

This week on BlogDumps Top Sites Tuesday, I wanted to share two things about an up- and-coming band which features someone we've heard before from two other famous bands. We previously heard Toryn Green in Fuel, when he replaced Brent Scallions as lead singer from 2006 through 2010. We also heard him with Apocalyptica a couple of years ago, lending his sexy vocals to their unique orchestral style of heavy metal during their US tour.

These days Toryn's with For The Taking - and he's quickly taking the band to new heights.  Check out their latest music, available as an EP on

I've been following the band's Facebook page to catch all the latest news and watch their fan base grow larger and larger day by day. I absolutely love their powerful sound! I'd love to see them get really "big and famous"...hmmm, in my opinion, they already sound like they're "big and famous".  I would just love to see them stick around for a long time!

Take a look at their new video for "Lie To Me" below and tell me you agree:

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