Sep 29, 2011

My two cents about Kat Von D and Jesse James

So Jesse James and Kat Von D broke off their engagement for the second time! I'm sure many out there have already shouted out, "Who cares?!" when that popped up in the celebrity news and gossip feeds.

Yeah, me, too! I don't really care. In fact, my opinion is that Kat Von D is either just plain ole naive or she had a serious case of mistaken emotions, thinking that her sympathy for Jesse "Jerk" James was true love.

How could she have believed that he was sincere when he claimed that he realized that true love was with her all this time?   After what he did to Sandra Bullock?! Did she not think Sandra regretted making that mistake with him?  I'm sure a lot of people were telling her she was out of her mind to think this was true love. That man obviously does not know how to love anyone but himself. Kat Von D can say all she wants about them having different goals in life...that was obvious to us from the very beginning.

Okay. I gave my two cents. Ladies, don't lower your standards or expect a man to change because of you. True love will love you as you are and accept you the way you are. And that goes both ways. If it doesn't, then it isn't true love.
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