Sep 17, 2011

Dream Guy of the Week #5

Ryan Gosling may have abs so amazing that Emma Stone said they looked Photoshopped (seen Crazy Stupid Love?), but this other Ryan has a bod you can't help drooling over either!
Recently divorced from Scarlett Johansson, no one really knows if Ryan Reynolds is currently attached to anyone.  All we know is he's been seen out and about frequently with long-time friend Sandra Bullock.  Whatever the case, ladies, he's still a single man!

And that makes following him even more fun!  This year we saw him in Green Lantern and The Change-Up.  Soon we'll see him in Safe House.  We'll also hear his voice (not as fun as actually seeing him) in The Croods.  He's currently filming RIPD with Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges, where he plays the character Nick Walker in a story about a recently slain cop who joins a team of undead cops.  That's gonna be pretty interesting, especially since a lot of us are so into undead characters like Vampires these days. 

In any case, check out that pic from the filming of RIPD...let's hope he keeps looking that good when the movie is released in June 2013!!!  ;)

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