Sep 17, 2011

Dream Guy of the Week #5

Ryan Gosling may have abs so amazing that Emma Stone said they looked Photoshopped (seen Crazy Stupid Love?), but this other Ryan has a bod you can't help drooling over either!
Recently divorced from Scarlett Johansson, no one really knows if Ryan Reynolds is currently attached to anyone.  All we know is he's been seen out and about frequently with long-time friend Sandra Bullock.  Whatever the case, ladies, he's still a single man!

And that makes following him even more fun!  This year we saw him in Green Lantern and The Change-Up.  Soon we'll see him in Safe House.  We'll also hear his voice (not as fun as actually seeing him) in The Croods.  He's currently filming RIPD with Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges, where he plays the character Nick Walker in a story about a recently slain cop who joins a team of undead cops.  That's gonna be pretty interesting, especially since a lot of us are so into undead characters like Vampires these days. 

In any case, check out that pic from the filming of RIPD...let's hope he keeps looking that good when the movie is released in June 2013!!!  ;)


AngelBaby said...

I'll take one of each - to go please!

Love and Blessings,

Liggy said...

Hehehe...cute, Angelbaby... ;)

Ophelia said...

When I first started reading your post, and I saw Ryan Gosling's name, I was stopped in my tracks. I was thinking, "Oh no! Did Liggy get her Ryans mixed up?! Isn't that a picture of Ryan Reynolds, not Ryan Gosling?!" And then I saw that you were just talking about him first, not saying that the pic was of Gosling... Oh man, for a moment there, I thought maybe I was the one confused! :)

Anyway, I see that you still haven't included my favorite actor of the moment, James Franco, in your list of Dream Guys of the Week. Just as well, I suppose, since I find myself hungering to know more about another younger actor now... who just happens to be the son of another great actor that I've admired when he himself was younger (which is not to say that I don't still admire him in his older years). Who am I talking about? He he he, I'm referring to Max Irons, the oh-so-gorgeous son of the ever-talented Jeremy Irons! Just discovered him in the movie "Red Riding Hood" which I just saw on DVD for the first time the other night. It's a love story/horror/thriller which also stars Amanda Seyfried (who, in my mind is "Dream Girl" material, if you are looking for one) and Shiloh Fernandez. I loved the movie so much, even more than I loved the first Twilight movie! And you know how obsessed I've been with Twilight these past few years! Anyway, I know he's not so popular in the media right now, but I personally think he's got it going on, baby. If I were a teenager right now, I would probably be filling up my walls with whatever posters of Max Irons I could get my hands on! Ha!

Liggy said...

Ophelia, thanks for those suggestions on Dream Guys. I have to admit, there are soooooo many dream guys out there that sometimes it's hard to write about just one at a time. But I'll get them there ;)

Ophelia said...

Yeah, Liggy, really. I remember when I was in high school, I kept a list of all the celebrities I had a crush on, and I recall there being at least 100 names on that list! LOL!