Feb 3, 2011

Hinder Concert Review

 Wow!  I had the most amazing experience January 30th and I just could not get past the excitement to be able to blog about it...until now.  Even now, I still feel like I must've been dreaming and I wish that night was never over! 

Let me tell you about it.   On January 30th, I had the opportunity to meet the members of HINDER after their awesome concert in Norfolk, Virginia.  It was unforgettable because the guys were so much more down to earth off-stage than I had anticipated.  You know, for guys known in the media as "the bad boys of rock", what would you expect?  But like I said, these guys were fantastic!

 That's me in the middle, my hubby in the brown jacket, and HINDER!

I attended the concert with my husband (who's from Oklahoma City - just like the band!), my almost 13-year old son (who really digs My Darkest Days - one of the three opening bands), and my sister (who also loves Hinder and as a matter of fact, gifted me with Hinder's Extreme Behavior CD). 

The show started with a set from Kopek, a three-man rock band from Ireland.  Kopek is one of 16 bands (including of course, HINDER, Saving Abel, and My Darkest Days) featured in the SAW 3D soundtrack, in case you didn't know.

The next act to follow was the Canadian band, My Darkest Days, whose popular song Porn Star Dancing got people dancing around on the already crowded floor.  To be honest, other than that song, I really didn't know much about this band before the show.  So when this mohawk-haired fellow kept walking past me several times, I had no idea it was actually MDD's guitarist Sal Costa.  He was so friendly with everyone around that I thought he was just someone that the locals knew.  No wonder all these girls kept asking to take a picture with him!

Saving Abel took the stage next. Although they were really good, too, I kind of expected a little more from Saving Abel's performance.  A Saving Abel fan that I spoke to said that they usually have  more energy at their other shows. I'm guessing that the size of this stage was just a little restrictive on their style that night.

See how small the stage looked with Saving Abel there?  Might be because all of Hinder's equipment were hidden under the covers behind them, occupying about half of the stage.

But hey, check out this really cool shot I got from side stage of Cody Hanson, Hinder's drummer, in action!

Overall the concert was unforgettably awesome and exciting!  If their tour makes a stop in a venue close to you, I recommend you make it a point not to miss it.  It'll be entertainment well worth spending money on and four hours of solid rock music that you'll be singing along with and rocking your socks off!

...I promise!!!
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