Jul 23, 2013

Two Thoughts From Under The Dome

I must admit...while I do enjoy the stories written by Stephen King, I just cannot read his novels.  His writing style is as challenging for me to read as it is to read a Shakespeare play.  Yes, I get lost.  But the movie adaptations created from his novels are amazing!!!  I have watched them all and always find them suspenseful (and terrifying in a "crawling in your skin" way).  

The latest movie adaptation released, Under The Dome, is a TV miniseries.  It's still currently in progress so I don't know what'll happen next.  I've been watching the episodes on Amazon Prime because the network airs the original episodes so late at night, I'd have trouble going to bed with the heightened fear that the story elicits in the viewer (or is it just me?).  At least through Amazon Prime, I can watch anytime I want - commercial-free!


My first thought - So far, I think all the actors and actresses in the series are great!  They really play their parts realistically.  You might even start to feel like you're there with them - trapped under a dome that you have no idea how long for and whether you'll have enough food, air, water, and supplies to sustain yourselves until that dome goes away (if it ever goes away).

Rachelle Lefevre is excellent in her role as Julia Shumway, a newspaper editor, who is desperately searching for her missing husband.  I remember her as Victoria, one of the vampires in Twilight.  That role was nothing compared to the intensity of this role.  Rachelle Lefevre's talents were somewhat wasted in Twilight, in my opinion.

My second thought - I read a New York Post article that indicated that this miniseries does not stay entirely faithful to Stephen King's novel.  One main character, for instance, was not an outlaw in the book, but was made into one in the series.  I can't complain.  Many movie and TV adaptations often get revised, often to add dramatic flair or to accommodate specific details in the time allowance required for the project.  Either way, I can't wait for the next episode to be broadcast.  I want to see what happens next!!!

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