Jul 21, 2013

Dan Brown's Inferno

If it seems like I have been absent from my blog, it's because I've been trying to catch up on other activities I like such as reading books that I keep acquiring (but fail to read for lack of time) and watching series episodes (like the movie adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome).

On thing managed to finish reading is the book INFERNO by one of my favorite authors, Dan Brown.  I started reading the novel shortly after the book was released in the US but I have been keeping my reading time limited to the short hour or two before bedtime.  Needless to say, I feel like it's taken me forever to finish reading this really long book (480 pages in hardcover and over 500 in ebook format).  But I finally finished it last week and I must say, Robert Langdon really had the experience of a lifetime this time!

I don't like to give away any spoilers when I review books or movies so I won't go into much detail.  But I must say, while reading this book I wondered if Robert Langdon was ever going to make it back home.  He was suffering from amnesia and did not know who to trust.   In fact it seemed like his own country (people from the embassy) was out to get him.  It made me wonder if this was going to be the last we'd read about our famous symbologist.

What really surprised me while reading the book was the mention of the Philippines in one of the chapters.  Sienna Brooks, one of the main characters, spent some time in the Philippines (the country I was born in and lived in for a few years).  I have to admit, though, the country and her experience there was not described in a manner I could even be proud to say I came from.  I think what was described may be something that is true in the very poorest parts of any country - not just the Philippines. 

Curious?  Well maybe you should get a copy of this book, too, and start reading it. 

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