Feb 12, 2013

Two Thoughts on Art

I was going thru the news feeds on Facebook when I saw this really uniquely carved watermelon.  My first thought is it just amazes me to see how creative some people can get with the most unexpected materials.  Imagine every year we carve pumpkins for Halloween and maybe try to get really fancy with it.  But imagine carving a watermelon!  I think works like these are just awesome! 

Fruits are one thing...but what about ice?

I can't believe anyone would be able to carve out ice or put together blocks of ice in this fashion, even adding lights to make it look like a real liveable building!  Isn't that something?

Oh that Frosty the Snowman in your yard has nothing on this snow sculpture of mythical creatures! 

And when summer comes and we're headed out to the beaches again...try not to build your miniscule sandcastles next to someone making a sand sculpture like this!!!

Seeing how these artists have pursued creativity using such uncommon media reminded me of my elementary school days.  (That's actually my second thought).  I think back to when I first started school.  I don't really remember how I learned to read and write, but I sure do remember all those art projects I was taught to make.

One project I remember spending a lot of time on involved rolling up strips of newspaper into stringable "beads", gluing them together, and painting them after they dried up.  After I made enough beads, I strung them together into a bead curtain.  Those things were soooooo popular back in the 1970s.

I think I spent more time on it than we were actually required to for school because I wanted to make a bead curtain for my mom to decorate in our house.  I knew how much she loved decorating.  :)

Anyway, before you leave this page, how 'bout clicking this blinking button below for my mom...because her appreciation of my early art endeavors led me to keep up my creativity throughout the years.  LOL!  Actually, if you click it, BlogDumps will know you read my post...THANKS!!! 

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