Mar 12, 2013

Two Thoughts...Two Exciting Things

Ok, so I've been getting a little lazy about blogging lately.  I have to admit...I feel like I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do these days.  I don't know if it's because the winter days are so short or if it's because I'm giving myself too many things to do.

I feel like that girl in the picture, surrounded by so many books she doesn't know where to start.  LOL!

Hmm...maybe I just need to take some things off my to-do-today list and drop them into my bucket list for later.

Anyway, I did get two exciting things happen this past week-end.  First off, I got to see Bruce Willis's most recent Die Hard movie - A Good Day to Die Hard.  That was one really LOUD film!!!

I guess I need to review some of the older movies because I really didn't pay much attention to John McClane's children in the earlier movies.  So when I saw this new movie, I was really quite surprised that they were so grown up already.  His daughter grew up to be lovely and sweet like her mom.  And their son - see that hottie in the middle? - he grew up to be a magnet for danger and action just like good ole John McClane. 

Compared to the earlier Die Hard movies, I don't actually think this last one was as great as the earlier ones but as a Die Hard fan, I love it anyway!!! 

Speaking of movies with sequels, my favorite young vampires from Forks, Washington have all five movies out on Blu-Ray/DVD now.  Yes, yes, Twilighters!  And lucky me, my hubby came through on his promise to get me the full set once it became available!  See below a picture of my new 5-disc Blu-Ray collection of the Twilight Saga:

So I finally watched (at long last) the final installment of the saga...but I'll just have to find time between watching and rewatching my new movies to blog about them.  Till then, how about a click on the blinking button below to find out what other BlogDumps members are thinking about this exciting Tuesday!  :D

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