Jul 23, 2009

My Top Five Gothic Bands With Female Lead Singers

1. Evanescence - Amy Lee has the most angelic voice in gothic rock music. She is also an amazing performer, with excellent stage presence. Her personality lights up the stage. I can't wait to see this group perform in town again.

Amy Lee
2. Within Temptation - Sharon Den Adel of this Dutch band also has an angelic voice. Together with her band, Within Temptation's music puts you in a beautiful spell.

Within Temptation
3. Lacuna Coil - Cristina Scabbia (no H in her first name! she reiterates) lends her beautiful singing voice to this Italian band whose music consists of guitar lines overlaid with prominent keyboard work, and contrasting dual female/male vocal harmonies (as described in Wikipedia). My friend from Vanquish introduced me to Lacuna Coil music a couple of years ago and found the band to carry a unique sound that borders from gothic to alternative metal.

Cristina Scabbia
4. The Divine Madness - Victoria Mazze of this American band is the brainchild of this talented group. She is not only seductively appealing but she has a beautifully haunting voice which makes this band's music perfect for horror movie and suspense movie soundtracks. They have done soundtrack music for The Hitchhiker, Bram Stoker's Dracula's Curse, and Transmorphers.

Victoria Mazze
5. NightWish - has had a change in lead singers since I had first started listening to them. I like both female lead singers as they both had qualities of their own that added power to the band's music. I find this Finnish band a treasure of masterful and mesmerizing music that will grab your mind and your soul while you listen. Nightwish
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