Jul 27, 2009

More metal from Rest Among Ruins

Rest Among Ruins
Rest Among Ruins promo photo from Myspace

Check this out, my metal friends. Rest Among Ruins from the Baltimore-Washington DC area made a demo track of Feven available as a free download. Click here to download the track for free.

The band has also released a schedule for an upcoming East Coast tour:

August 13th in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania @ Phillips Emporium

August 14th in Cherry Hill, New Jersey @ Seven@Seven

August 15th in Newark, Delaware @ The East End Cafe

August 16th in Kingston, NY @ The Basement

August 17th in Cambridge, Massachusetts @ All Asia

August 18th in CT @ TBA

August 20th in Danville, VA @ Plan B

August 21st in Florence, SC @ Irby’s Bar and Grill

August 22nd in Greensboro, NC @ Somewhere Else Tavern

Check out my May 2009 archived articles for information about this band as well as links on how to order their album online:


Lindsay said...


Liggy said...

Sure is sweet! I got my download as soon as RAR messaged me about it...too bad they're not coming to Hampton Roads. WTH is Danville, VA?

Anonymous said...

I played guitars for those guys for 2 years lol! Def some good times!

Liggy said...

I'm glad to know my posts are reaching out to you "anonymous" :D

I like to spread the word about bands that really deserve the break - a big break, I mean! Talent should never go unnoticed!!!