Jul 21, 2009

Two Positive Things on Tuesday

I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but you can't be a rockin' chick like me without the awesome support of the people closest to me (tee hee!). Take first of all my hubby - JB!!! Our relationship is one of two positive things I wanted to share on this week's BlogDumps Top Sites Tuesday post.

JL Stars
We have our ups and downs like every normal couple, but we're not about to go Kate N Jon and make our lives a media spectacle...besides that, we don't have that many kids (and I can't ever imagine having that many anyway!). And though we have our different addictions (I'm a blogger, he's a gamer; I'm a metalhead, he's a countryboy; I'm short, he's tall - LOL!) we both want the same things in life for our family. And that, my dreamz reader, is one thing I can be proud to share.

Calvin and Hobbes
My second positive thing is (are) CARTOONS! Yeah, what would our childhood lives have been like if we didn't have cartoons? I mean I could tell you everything that went on in every episode of The Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo (and still be excited about it, too!) I admit that I've continued to watch the newer cartoons with my kids. (Dora and I have become pals).

And guess what? The Sunday Comics section was my favorite part of the newpaper. My favorite comic was the Calvin and Hobbes series, which Bill Watterson finally retired (sigh!) in 1995. I always dreamed of having a son as imaginative, honest, and spontaneous as Calvin. The same year that Calvin and Hobbes went into retirement was when I met my future hubby and three years later, I had my own "Calvin".

Wow, what happy thoughts! I think Tuesday is going to be a positively dreamily day with all that in mind now. How's everybody else's day going?

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