Jan 27, 2011

Team Coco Fun

I decided to follow Conan O'brien's new talk show thru the Team Coco website and the fan page on Facebook. Since I don't subscribe to cable TV or satellite TV, I just watch the video clips and episodes they post online. (Yeah, why pay extra for cable when you can see the same things online at your convenience?) So far it's been a blast watching all those hilarious interviews and fun clips on the Team Coco site.

My Chemical Romance 

And a music-lover like me even gets a good fill of musical entertainment. I've gotten to see My Chemical Romance perform on the show, caught the legendary act Social Distortion sing, and even got to watch the iconic rockers Motorhead "explode our eardrums" (as they quoted on the site) with their song "Get Back in Line".


You ought to check out Conan's late night show if you can. Check your local TV/Cable listings for the schedule. Or go to TeamCoco to watch selected episodes which are posted daily, enjoy awesome interviews with all the latest popular celebrities, laugh at the crazy comic skits they put together, and chill out with some of the best musical performers from the past and present. I visit the site because it's a lot of fun!!!
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