Feb 5, 2011

No More Brent Smith!

Man, what a bummer it was for me to learn that Brent Smith (lead vocalist of Shinedown) "released himself" from further work with Apocalyptica recently.  The band had to replace his vocals in the song Not Strong Enough, the newest single release from Apocalyptica's latest album "7th Symphony". 

The vocals were replaced with Doug Robb (of Hoobastank) in the newest video release for the single.  Personally, I think Doug Robb gives excellent vocals to the song.  After all, didn't so many of us love The Reason so much that we were suddenly asking "Who's Hoobastank?"  And it was Doug Robb's meaningful rendition of that song that touched so many hearts, even though it was perhaps the only Hoobastank song/album most average listeners know.

That is...unless you are an avid console gamer or a big fan of The Scorpion King soundtrack.  In that case, you have probably already heard the harder edge sound of the band and Doug Robb's voice many times.  Unfortunately, I can't speak much about it because I'm just not a Hoobastank fan. I just like The Reason.

In any case, I must say, Doug Robb does pour his heart out in the climactic chorus of Not Strong Enough. Only someone with real musical experience and natural vocal talent can rock out to a song like this.

But I heard the original version of Not Strong Enough with Brent Smith's powerful vocals which gave the song the feel of a vengeful struggle against emotions.  And when you compare that to Doug Robb's somewhat softer sound, I have to place my vote with Brent's rendition.
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