Feb 8, 2011

Time for Top Sites Tuesday with LiggyzDreamz

It's great to have Top Sites Tuesday back again this year.  Since the last time I participated, so much has happened in the world of LiggyzDreamz.  First off, my Facebook fan page has been growing and I've seen a lot of new people join  - THANK YOU!!!  Now if you could just hover over to the little DONATE button on the right and send a little fun money my way...(LOL - just thought I'd give it a try!)

This past couple of months we've just been through a lot of miserably cold weather in the U.S. but the cold weather didn't stop me from being able to capture some really cool photos from my own backyard.
During the first big snowfall of this winter, I saw a woodpecker pay a visit to my birdfeeder. I'm glad I filled it up for any birds that didn't fly south.  After I saw this woodpecker, a few other smaller birds came by that same day.

See - here's another one now...

Remember those times I wasn't able to participate in Top Sites Tuesday last year because I got addicted to playing Mafia Wars on Facebook?  Well, I did manage to cut back on my gaming and limit myself to just a few hours on the week-ends.  I thought about completely quitting the game but I have built a pretty good size mafia and selected some really nice gaming buddies (no punk @$$ gaming addicts who fight their own mafia members or players who never give back and help you out).

With my mafia "status" I think I can "sit" comfortably with a few hours of recreational MW each week-end and still not let any of my gaming buddies down.  In fact, check out this screen shot of one of my achievements.  This shows what an awesome team player I really am by successfully helping out in the "operations"...(whoot whoo!)

I think the highlight of my last few months since the last Top Sites Tuesday post was the HINDER concert I went to on January 30th.  I could say it was the experience of my life.  I posted a blog about it last week.  But before you check it out, please click on the blinking button below so that BlogDumps knows you read this post...Thank you

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AngelBaby said...

I remember living in the cold snowy weather, too much snow for me. It sure is nice to be back in southern California instead. I don't miss the snow at all.

Here's your click ............

Love and Blessings,

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy

Top sites Tuesday is back and I am glad to have you join us :)
I can't say I missed the cold back east this winter but I do enjoy the photos!


oldereyes said...

Hey, Liggy, long time no read. It's good to "see" you again. Love your woodpecker picture but please stop posting abouot bands I've never heard of ... it makes me feel old (oh, that's right, I am old). Hopefully we'll get more participants next week ... either way, I'll be here.

Bud aka Older Eyes

Trina said...


Great pictures in the snow!

While I'm not jealous of the snow ;) I am totally jealous of your Hinder experience! I'll bet it was an amazing concert!

Happy Tuesday!


How to improve your memory said...

Hi Liggy :)

You took good photos! I can't imagine being able to live in a place with winter since I am from a tropical country. I hope you're keeping yourself warm during winter!

Lucid dreaming said...

I certainly wish it snowed from where I live! Unlike Trina over her, I am jealous of the entire experience you had - even the snow!


Lucid dreaming said...

I certainly wish it snowed from where I live! Unlike Trina over her, I am jealous of the entire experience you had - even the snow!


How to get rid of chest fat said...

Ah. I hate snow. I prefer endless days of sun and summer :) I like Fall too however. It's cold but the colors of the surroundings are amazing.