Feb 19, 2011

Firefox Themes for Music Lovers

If you use Mozilla's Firefox web browser, did you know that you can customize your browser theme with their Personas add on?  Yes, you can!  And if you love music as much as I do, there are tons of music themes available in their gallery.

I also have a few music-related themes that I recently decided to share with others.  Please check them out here -

LiggyzDreamz Music Themes for Firefox

And while the other designs below are not related to LiggyzDreamz, I thought I'd let my readers know that I have also designed some Firefox themes for health and wellness supporters, particularly for Xooma Worldwide members.  Xooma Worldwide is a health and wellness company that sells directly to consumers.  I use many of their products myself.  Although I'm not one of their distributors I like to help spread the word about their amazing products.  I've also been doing work on the side as a publications assistant so some of their distribution teams are already familiar with what "Liggy" does there.  :)

Xooma Green Theme

Xooma Pet2O Treat

Kardiaxyme - One of Mother Nature's Best Kept Secrets

There's more available at Personas for Firefox.  Be sure to check them out and have some fun!!! 
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