Feb 22, 2011

Ryan Star, Rising Star

As I drove to work this morning, I heard a song that I'd not heard before on the radio. It was a song called "Start a Fire" and I couldn't readily tell who was singing. At first I thought it was a new song from Ricky Martin. After all, it had a very upbeat, danceable rhythm - much like Ricky Martin's music. Plus his voice sounded pretty close to it. Before the song ended, I noticed the info screen on my car radio. This song was from Ryan Star.

Who is Ryan Star? Well, he's actually been a musician all his life, having been born from parents who exposed him to music as though music were their religion. He probably came into the public eye from his exposure as a contestant on the reality TV series "RockStar" where he unfortunately did not make it to the top three but managed to entice a new following of fans.

Shortly before his stint on the show, he released a full-length album titled "Eye of an Elephant". The album included a song called "Back Of Your Car" which he performed on the Rockstar show, receiving rave reviews and quickly becoming a fan favorite.

My first thought is personally I was quite surprised to hear Ryan Star's new song this morning because of its very danceable beat. This is a striking contrast from the songs I listened to from the Eye of an Elephant album which I (sadly admit) thought was somewhat depressing. The whole album may have its artistic qualities but the dramatic, serious mood of the songs in the album could not invite me to listen to it again after the first time. (Sorry, that's just my opinion!)

As I look forward to hearing the rest of this new album, my next thought is that 2011 might just be the year that Ryan Star's star rises. Since he is going to be touring with Bon Jovi this year, I am going to assume that this new album is going to contain more "upbeat" sounds unlike his previous album.  And if I'm right on that, then we'll be sure to hear a lot more of Ryan Star in 2011.

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