Jun 14, 2017

Have you heard of Fozzy?

Is anyone here a fan of wrestling?  Do you watch WWE shows like RAW or SmackDown?  I've been to a few live events with my family in the past couple years and we've been enjoying them quite a bit.

If you're a big wrestling fan, you probably already know that a lot of wrestlers do things outside of sports when they're not doing promotions for the WWE company. But did you know that world-known champion (with over 32 titles) Chris Jericho is currently on tour with a rock band named "Fozzy"?  Believe it or not, Chris Jericho (whose real name is Christopher Keith Irvine) is the lead vocalist for the band! I don't know why I never knew that after all this time seeing him on SmackDown.

After hearing Fozzy on SiriusXM this morning on my way to work, I decided to check them out on YouTube. This song really kicks serious butt! And look at the video - it has over 5 million views after being published a month ago. Here it is - see for yourself!

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