May 1, 2016

RISE with Sixx:AM

The album I've been waiting for since 2014 (after 'Modern Vintage' was released) is finally out and I got my CD of it yesterday.  I would've blogged about it sooner but I've obviously been busy listening to the album over and over like I do whenever I get a new Sixx:AM album in my hands. When Nikki and James Michael talked about 'Rise' on Sixx Sense the day it was being premiered, I knew this album was going to be the best from Sixx:AM so far!

These are the titles of the tracks you'll find inside this amazing album:

1. Rise
2. You Have Come to the Right Place
3. I’m Sick
4. Prayers for the Damned
5. Better Man
6. Can’t Stop
7. When We Were Gods
8. Belly of the Beast
9. Everything Went to Hell
10. The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground)
11. Rise of the Melancholy Empire

Honestly, all the tracks rock! This album takes you back to the heavier sounds of Sixx:AM as in the 'This is Gonna Hurt' album, but yet feels a lot like The Heroin Diaries.  I'm not a technical person so I can't critique the album like album reviewers often do.  I am just a fan of rock music and a big fan of this group.

What I can definitely say is you have to listen to the song lyrics, too.  With Sixx:AM's music, you can find inspiration and strength in many of their lyrics. If you've ever been hurt, abused, disappointed, or just hit hard in life, there's no need to feel down.  Listen to Sixx:AM music. Stream it iHeart radio, go to your favorite retailer and buy their  CDs, or call your local radio station and ask them to play Sixx:AM.  As always, Sixx:AM music finds a way to bring the positive out of the negative that I think every one can relate to.  That's one of the special things that make Sixx:AM so unique and inspiring.

By the way, Sixx:AM is headlining a tour this year.  If you get the chance to catch them, you should do it!  Check out their tour schedule here - I am going to see them and let you know what I think! ;)


Cheryl said...

Hi Liggy, How is everything with you? I am glad you are enjoying the new album. Sadly, I am not familiar with the group but I did bop over to You Tube and play some tracks. I actually enjoyed them even given my total lack of knowledge of heavy metal music. Sucks to be so out of touch.'s nice to see you on your blog. Have a great week.

Liggy Blough said...

Hi, Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed what you listened to. I really like that the music Sixx AM makes have inspiring lyrics. A much older one, 'Life is Beautiful', is like one of those songs designed to uplift and take someone out of any negativity. I love it...if I ever feel down, I just play it and feel better again. :)