Mar 31, 2012

Hunger Games Fan Art

Just as there had been a lot of fan art being shared for the Twilight movies, there are also a number of beautiful fan art being shared for the new Hunger Games movie. Here's one I like from KawaiiKarissa on the Deviant Art site.

I think this digital painting of Peeta (played by Josh Hutcherson) captures a pondersome moment from the story!


Now this is absolutely amazing...a crocheted piece!  Too late for me, the artist, Shywalker, has already sold this piece. But now that truly took some time and patience to make!

This pencil sketch by  dbrytpurl09 is also brilliant.  Just check out the lighting details incorporated into the sketch.  Love it!


Ophelia said...

I absolutely love that Hunger Games crochet! Wow! Makes me want to get back into my crocheting! It's amazing how people can get so creative when inspired like that!

Liggy said...

I liked that crocheted piece, too. I was going to order it myself but it says that it was already sold. Oh well!