Apr 3, 2012

Two Thoughts on The Hunger Games Movie

I took my kids with me to the AMC Movie Theater this week-end and watched The Hunger Games together. While my son is old enough to have read the book, he didn't read the book because he prefers to read Fantasy and Humor books over this type of novel. My daughter is still in elementary school so she, of course, has definitely not (yet) read the book. They both came willingly anyway because they've heard from others about the movie and know I've been waiting to see it.

The first thought I wanted to share with BlogDumps and other blog readers this Tuesday (on Two Thoughts for Tuesday) is that I'm glad my kids both wanted to see the movie because when I read The Hunger Games, I thought there were a lot of lessons to be learned about life and making choices, especially choices that mean sacrificing yourself for the safety or comfort of someone you love. There are also lessons to learn about being a quick-thinker, particularly when it means your survival. In The Hunger Games, being the best warrior doesn't necessarily guarantee your survival. And that was something that was pointed out to the main characters when they were taught lessons from previous hunger games.

My second thought is that the entire cast of this movie did a phenomenal job in their performances. It's not just hype either. Young and mature cast alike did an excellent job. We can give credit to both the director for bringing out the best in these actors, and credit the actors themselves for proving that they deserved to play the parts they were cast in.

I did want to point out one special character that touched my heart and my children's hearts (and even the heart of my son's best friend who saw the movie with his mom during the first week-end showing). This character was Rue. I won't spoil anything by saying that she died because we all know that in "the hunger games" only one victor is to emerge anyway...and even if you hadn't read the book, you'd know the main character (Katniss) has to have made it somehow. So anyway, Rue just seemed so out of place to be pitted against other tributes in the arena. She was so young, so caring, so innocent, so unafraid...even Katniss knew this young girl didn't belong there in a fight to the death. But they had no choice, no stopping the annual games. There were a couple of other very tender, emotional moments in the movie, but I think that it's because of Rue's character you might need to bring yourself some tissues to wipe your tears. See for yourself.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Liggy, I actually have no business even commenting as I have not read the books nor seen the movie. I do have every intention to see the movie though as all the publicity indicates it is a must see.

What currently is happening as a result of all the buzz though is that I realize how "out of it" I am presently.

Glad you and your kids enjoyed it.

clicks to you!

Trina said...

I really need to get these ooks and read them so I can go see the movies, it sounds amazing! Plus, with your stamp of approval, how could I go wrong?!?!


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy!

I can't wait to get home and see a movie This one sounds excellent and I'm so ready for some popcorn and a good sit down watching a movie! Glad you and the kids had a good time.

Clicks for you,

Liggy said...

The movie was very close to the book. Only a few minor details were changed or removed but like I said, they were minor. Any fan of the books would be thoroughly pleased with the outcome of the movie. Both thumbs up on this one! (In fact, my kids even said they'd come see it again with me if I wanted to).

Bud said...

This really isn't my kind of film but I'll probably end up seeing it eventually once the hype dies down. I really hate doing anything while it's trendy. Glad you and your kids enjoyed it,