Apr 10, 2012

Two Thoughts - Madonna and her Music

When it comes to solo female musical performers, I've always counted Madonna as #1.  I think she is very versatile and talented as a musician, singer, and dancer.  I can't say the same about her acting although I did  find her 1987 movie Who's That Girl quite entertaining at the time. Who remembers that movie?

For this week's Two Thoughts on Tuesday at BlogDumps, I thought I'd share two thoughts about Madonna's latest music. (LiggyzDreamz, after all, started out as a blog about my music interests).

First off - I am currently listening to Madonna's new album, MDNA. She performed the song "Give Me All Your Luvin" at this year's Superbowl and I thought it was pretty cool! I was impressed with its cheery and upbeat sound and it was hard not to want to dance along to it. But the other songs in the album are just not grabbing me...seriously, I'm kind of disappointed in this latest album by Madge.

In one song titled "Gang Bang" she says the word "B*tch" so much you start to wonder if she's developing Alzheimer's and has only a limited vocabulary.  And the profanity in the other tracks shocked me!  I expected a fresh new dance album from an artist who's displayed immense talent over the past three decades.  Real talent does not necessitate the use of profanity.  Madonna's need (or senseless desire?) to use profanity in this album only undermines what little creative talented that my aging favorite female singer may have left. Does she not believe in talent anymore?  Or does she believe that listeners don't appreciate real talent, real music anymore?

I had a feeling this album was going to disappoint me as soon as I started playing the first track. It began with a recitation of a Catholic prayer. Okay, I thought, what was that supposed to be for?  When I got to track number nine, titled "I'm a Sinner", all I heard was Madonna proudly proclaiming "I'm a sinner and I like it that way" over and over until you want to say, "So what?!  Now shut up!"

That brings me to thought number two.  I may not be a very devout, religious person but I feel like Madonna is mocking religion in this album. And by mocking, I don't mean like her controversial 1980's song "Like a Prayer".  I consider that song more of a positive metaphor to prayer. It was the accompanying music video, not the song itself, that drew the ire of many religious groups.  The story in the music video didn't really follow the lyrics either.  So the video, more or less, was just an attention-grabber.  And grab a lot of attention it did successfully, as far as I can remember.  Pepsi even cancelled their advertisements which were supposed to have featured this song.  Anyone else remember that?

To me, any religious expression should be positive - no matter what denomination is represented. I just don't think any religion or religious practice should be mocked - period.  After listening to this album, I think that this time, Madonna has gone too far.  I'm sorry, Madonna...I just think you're trying a little too hard to get attention this time and I think you're going about it the wrong way.

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