Mar 27, 2012

Two Thoughts Tuesday

First off, The Hunger Games movie was released this past week-end - whoot whoo!!! And it was the #1 box office draw, too - whoot whoo again!!!

No, I'm not posting a movie review this time because - believe it or not - I actually haven't gone to see it yet. I stopped watching movies during the first week-end release after deciding that I was never going to put up with the annoyances of people constantly pushing or kneeing the back of my seat (among the many other rude behaviors many movie-goers seem to think is acceptable inside a dark room where other people are simply trying to have an enjoyable time). So I either wait for a movie to be out a little while or I get it as soon as it comes out on DVD/BluRay.  In the meantime, I'm still reading Mockingjay, the third book of the trilogy. 

So, my next thought is The Avengers movie is coming out the week-end of my birthday., I know I said I don't see movies the first week-end of its release, but this one has such an amazing, awesome it's gonna be my birthday...what do you think I should do?

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AngelBaby said...

All I have heard about is this movie. I just wonder if it really is that good, so if you see it let me know, OK?

Here's your click ............

Love and Blessings

Cheryl said...

No matter how good a movie is presumed to be, I would be hesitant to go the opening weekend. What is up with people that they have gotten so rude at the movies. That is a quandry whether to go on your birthday though. Whatever you decide, I hope it turns out to be fun.

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy

I have to say that I haven't gone to a movie when it first comes out in a long time, it is way to hectic and crowded for me.

Since it will be your birthday this may be a good time for you to make an exception :)

Happy Early Birthday!

Trina said...

I havn't read the books yet so I'll put off seeing the movie, The Hunger Games, until I do, I won't spoil it like I did when I saw the first Twilight before reading the book ;)

But the Avengers looks amazing in just that picture and I am enticed to go see it, maybe we'll land in a port with a theatre before it goes to Red Box LOL

Happy Birthday! Are you 21 again?

Liggy said...

I guess I'll have to see what the day is like when The Avengers comes out. I really, really, really wanna see it right away but every time I think about what it might be like in the theater, I feel like I'd rather be somewhere else. Maybe there will be a great concert in town...hmmm?