Feb 28, 2009

Twilight's Bella and Jacob fan art

I was browsing for pics on the Twilight movie stars when I came across some of these artworks of the book characters. I thought they were so cool that I decided to share them here. The first three are from Ainjeline Nadeen Shawn's Flickr page.

This shows an artist's visualization of a very youthful Bella and Jacob in Jacob's garage. You can read about that in New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2).

Twilight Fan Art
This second one shows Jacob carving a bracelet charm for Bella...

Twilight Fan Art
There were frequent references to Jacob's growth spurts in the series. I guess this picture was supposed to depict that change.

Twilight Fan Art
I found this final picture in Hannah Carnero's Flickr page. I thought this one was extremely cute yet very touching, reminding me of the strange tenderness that Jacob (in his wolf form) managed to exhibit while he was with Bella.

Twilight Fan Art
Notice the size of the wolf compared to the girl in this piece? If you read New Moon or Eclipse, you'd know why he's so huge.
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