Mar 1, 2009

Sebastian Bach went country?!

Sebastian Bach Gone Country
Somewhere between the time I got obsessed with reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, I must've gotten lost in some kind of time warp and lost track of one of my favorite metal hotties, Sebastian Bach. I say this because I decided to check up on my man today and found out he'd gone country!!! What?!!! Yes, he did!

I found his video here on CMT's website when I clicked on a link that I googled about him. Here's a link to it:

Battle With The Bottle by Sebastian Bach

Although I will listen to country music on occasion, I've never been a big fan of country music. Rock music and metal music have always been more my taste. But hey, after I listened to Sebastian Bach's country song (and viewed the video about half a dozen times), I wondered if I liked it because it's Sebastian Bach or if it's because it really is an awesome country song. I guess it doesn't really husband liked it so I won't have to defer my Sebastian Bach listening time to my alone time in the car (LOL!).

I'll still cherish the timeless metal music Sebastian Bach made with Skid Row in the past...or the Forever Wild Rock Music he continued to make after that. After all, he's been dubbed one of Rock's Most Beautiful Faces...

Sebastian Bach
(Just a collage I put together two years ago).
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