Dec 7, 2010

Marty Casey and the Lovehammers

Marty Casey

A collage I put together while I was still learning how to use Photoshop

When I was living in Champaign-Urbana in 1991, I wish I had known about the local band scene there.  Perhaps then I would have had the chance to personally meet Marty Casey and his band, the Lovehammers, before his stint as a contestant on Rockstar INXS shot his popularity up high.

Shortly after Rockstar INXS was completed, Marty Casey and the Lovehammers released an album which contained one of the songs that Marty Casey wrote and performed on the show.  The song is called "Trees", which instantly became #1 on the MSN Music Downloads chart in 2007.  Although this album was not the band's first album, this was probably their best-selling album, considering Marty's rise to fame via the reality show contest.  Besides that, it was the first one signed on through a major recording label.  I am one of the many fans that purchased that album and I must say, I still enjoy that album to this day.

The Lovehammers

The track listing for this album include:

1. Casualty
2. Hold On
3. Trees
4. Rain on the Brain
5. The Tunnel
6. Eyes Can't See
7. The Riddle
8. Clinic
9. Call of Distress
10. Straight As An Arrow
11. Clouds

Here's an acoustic version of "Trees" as performed by Marty Casey with Dave Navarro on Rockstar INXS.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out their latest album, "Heavy Crown"? It is fantastic! You can find ordering info on .

Liggy said...

I just listened to it today. You're right - it does sound great! Some songs though sounded like some were remixed versions of previous releases. In any case, Marty Casey sounds great with the Lovehammers. I hope they can get together again in the future and make new music again.