Dec 15, 2010

The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker DVD finally arrived at my house from my 1-DVD at a time Netflix queue.

Let me say that my initial expectations of the movie were not met - they were exceeded!   I've watched war movies before but none of them kept me glued to my seat like this one.  I literally couldn't keep my eyes off the TV screen.  In fact I felt like I must've been holding my breath throughout the movie, just waiting for the moment that either the explosives expert successfully detonated the "unexploded ordnances" or when the ground he was standing on gets blown up to smithereens.

Jeremy Renner was outstanding in his role as an military explosives detonator.  He was so naturally fitting for the role, so believable that you would want to know if he was really that brave and heroic or was he just a crazy thrill-seeker?  

Before the movie was released, I anticipated The Hurt Locker to be full of cinematic effects and include more background soundtrack.  Although the movie played more or less like a documentary in the sense that there was more dialogue than special effects, director Kathryn Bigelow did an excellent job at making the viewer feel like part of the action and every breath-taking moment of it.

Yes, I agree...The Hurt Locker definitely deserved the Academy Awards that it received.  It is a must-have for any DVD or Blu-Ray movie collector.   I give both thumbs up to this one.


Ophelia said...

Wow, I guess you really did like that movie a lot! I saw it too some time ago when I rented it from Blockbuster. I'm actually not much into war movies, but I thought I'd see this one because of its Academy Award for Best Picture. Unfortunately, I wasn't much impressed. I mean, I can see how it could be captivating to some viewers, and I agree the film was well done, acting was realistic, and there were some scenes that were quite gripping - such as the part when the guy was searching all over for the boy who was selling DVDs, and when the family man in the middle of the street was begging to have all the bombs removed from his body... but I thought the story was kind of hard to follow, action was sort of slow, and so overall, it isn't a movie I personally would want to see again. :(

Liggy said...

I did read some reviews about the movie, many written by actual war veterans and they did say that some scenes were not realistic. But what mattered in my opinion is how the scenes in this movie were portrayed and presented in a realistic fashion. I am, actually, a fan of loud, action movies but this movie was so different from what I thought it would be and yet it did not disappoint me. On one note, I really did not get why it was called The Hurt Locker.

Lindsay said...

Jeremy Renner looks kinda hot in this movie!