Dec 4, 2010



This is an album from one of those so-called "supergroups" that recorded music, created a stir, followed it up with two more albums, and then kind of disappeared...

The members of Arcade include Stephen Pearcy (best known as the lead vocalist of Ratt) singing lead, Frankie Wilsex (from Sea Hags) on guitar, Donny Syracuse (studio musician?) also on Guitar, Michael Andrews on Bass, and Fred Coury (former Cinderella drummer) on drums.

The tracks to "Calm Before The Storm" include the following:

1. "Dancin' With The Angels"
2. "Nothin' To Lose"
3. "Calm Before The Storm"
4. "Cry No More"
5. "Screamin' S.O.S."
6. "Never Goin' Home"
7. "Messed Up World"
8. "All Shook Up"
9. "So Good... So Bad..."
10. "Livin' Dangerously"
11. "Sons And Daughters"
12. "Mother Blues"

The song "So Good So Bad" is one of my favorites from their first CD release.  This song, along with "Cry No More" details the pain felt by heartbreak and disappointment without making the listener feel depressed.  It's almost like saying there's hope somewhere beyond this all, but there's no avoiding the turmoil you have to go through before then.   Or maybe it could be that Stephen Pearcy just has that sexiness to his voice that makes you fall in love with the song anyway.  I just love it!

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