Dec 2, 2010

Jennifer's Body

What a surprise it was for me to find Jennifer's Body among the DVDs available for borrowing at my local library. I didn't expect to find the movie there because it's just one of those movies that you just don't find too worthy of artistic or theatrical criticism. After all, it's a movie whose publicity centered around half-naked photos of Megan Fox.

But since I had never seen the movie and it was there - where I could borrow it and view it for FREE - I decided to go ahead and add it to the other material I was going to check out.  

When I first started watching it, I thought the storyline was totally unlike any of the reviews I had read about the movie.  Yes, Amanda Seyfried's character - Anita "Needy" - and Megan Fox's character - "Jennifer" - were the best of friends since childhood.  But they had an unbalanced relationship. They were total opposites, with "Needy" being the always eager to please, subservient companion to the self-centered, egotistical Jennifer. 

These two friends were also classmates in school, always sitting by each other.  If the storyline were to have focused on the classroom setting more, you would probably expect to see Jennifer copying off Needy's work.  But of course, that's not what the storyline was about so you won't see that there.  (Whew!  Thank goodness because that would've really added to the boredom of the movie).

Then of course, this girly bonding is a focal part of the movie.  To spice it up (and probably to get some media attention) there is a girl-to-girl kissing scene which I thought was given a few more screenshots than necessary to fulfill whatever purpose it was supposed to serve. 

While watching, I had to question why this relationship was such a primary focus in the movie, especially after that kissing scene.  I thought this was supposed to be a horror movie.  The horror scenes (if you wanna call those gory humor depictions "horror") were fairly mild in contrast to most movies that you'd find of this genre.  It's the reaction of the families of those that died that made the killings seem more ghastly and horrific than the scenes themselves.  The "families" did give pretty outstanding emotional performances, though, I must say.

There are some "horror" flicks that I wouldn't mind if I saw a second time.  But Jennifer's Body, I must say, is not really something I'd care to see again.  It's not really that bad of a movie.  Most of the actors look like they were really "into" their respective roles, enough to give each one a thumbs up performance.  I just feel like the movie is only something  you'd really make the effort to see if you just happened to be fans of the actors in it.   I'd rate this movie just two out of five stars (and that's probably being generous).  


Ophelia said...

Yeah, it is really interesting to see what kinds of movies are available at the library nowadays. Most of the movies I watch on DVD I actually check out from the library. I mean, it's totally free, so you can't beat that! :) I sometimes have to put myself on the waiting list for a particular movie, if it happens to be a really popular film or is still relatively new. I do have a membership at Blockbuster, but I mostly use that for movies that I want to see in Blu-ray since the libraries here don't carry Blu-rays yet, or if I simply can't wait to see a movie that has a super-long waiting list at the library!

So, about "Jennifer's Body" - I saw the trailer for it online and was thinking it might be something I would like to see some time. I'm not a fan of Megan Fox, but I've seen Amanda Seyfried in a number of movies and I do like her. I guess I just won't have too high expectations when I do finally see it so I won't be too disappointed. Thanks for sharing your movie review! Keep 'em coming!

Liggy said...

Thanks for the comment!

By the way, I failed to mention that there is more to the girly bonding than it appears. But you have to watch the whole movie to find out what the significance of it all is --- yes, there is actually some point to it, even though I gave it a less favorable review.