Sep 4, 2010

30 Seconds To Mars Concert Review

Last night the Norva concert hall was filled with Jared Leto worshippers. His band, 30 Seconds to Mars, took hold of the stage at this sold out show and it seemed like Earth disappeared.  This was the second concert for the band at the popular NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia.

If short people like me weren't wearing at least 5 inch heels (I wore 5 inch high wedge sandals), you could barely see over everyone who were already standing shoulder to shoulder. When Jared Leto told everyone to jump up and down during several moments of the show, the ground was thumping and the sweat of the mass was pumping. You had to keep moving along with everyone or risk your toes getting stomped on by the excited and energetic"Mars army" in front of you.

The band played all their major hits (and more) between all the screams and adorations of the fans.  Jared Leto kept the fans in high spirits with non-stop interaction and calls for audience participation in the form of jumping, hand waving, marching forward and marching backward, and singing.  In the middle of the show, he disappeared from the stage and reappeared in the balcony area where he drew the crowds' attention to some of the fans there, including one young fellow named Ryan who was probably having the time of his life though wishing he could get out of his wheelchair and jump like the rest of the fans in the arena were doing.

Leto, who gave constant praise and appreciation to the concert-goers throughout the night, even dedicated a song to Ryan later.  What a touching moment that was!

For the final moments of the concert, Jared Leto picked a handful of 30 Seconds to Mars "worshippers" from the audience and took them up on stage to sing along and lead the rest of the concert hall during the final song of the night.  I'm sure there were jealous people left below but with the undying enthusiasm demonstrated by the crowds, you could never tell... 

This was an awesome concert!  If you had never been to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert, you'll be in for an amazing ride when you go...
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