Aug 31, 2010

Two Thoughts - Two Cicadas

This week I was going over some of my image files and came across these cicada pictures I took one night. As I was entering my front door, I noticed something unusual sticking out from the side of the door.
Until that night, I had never seen a cicada up close like that. Nor have I ever seen one transforming into its adult body. It was just amazing!

Did you know that there's a UK band called Cicada? Yes, the band has a unique electronica sound that you can dance to and yet still enjoy as ambient music as your day goes by. Check them out on FACEBOOK or on MYSPACE. Better yet, visit the OFFICIAL CICADA MUSIC website.

Here's a pretty cool video by Cicada that I thought you all might enjoy. Check it out:

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AngelBaby said...

I am rocking out to this lovely song while I am making this comment. I love this band, they are just great. As for the bugs, well I am not crazy about bugs. The truth is that I don't like them at all if they come into my house! They are fine as long as they stay outside where they belong. It is interesting to watch them from a distance of course.

Here's your click ...........

Love and Blessings,

oldereyes said...

Well, Liggy, I'm going to have to agree with AngelBaby ... I like the band better than the bugs. I do like the sound cicadas make on a sultry summer day, though. I enjoyed the video a lot, too. You're Older Eyes eyes into younger music!


Bud aka Older Eyes

Liggy said...

That was a pretty cool video, I agree! That's why I thought I'd share it. It was so perfect, too, with the cicada pictures...hehehe! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Trina said...

I'm loving the Cicadas (bugs and band)

I've never seen one shed before, I kinds felt like saying "Ay, It's a alien!" or "It's ALIVE!" Kinda gross but really cool!


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy

Like Bud, I to like the sound they make in the summer as I sit on the porch sipping a cool one :)

Great video and nice post!

Clicks for you.


Nancy Cleveland said...

Hi, Liggy....for some reason hadn't heard of Cicada but love the vid you posted. Might have to post it myself on my FB Curious, though...I don't think we even have Cicada's in the UK! (Besides this band ;-) )

As for the bug itself, cool pics! I have one we took years ago where the transformation was taking place on a maple tree trunk in my back yard. Was late at night and what a struggle they have to get where they are going at that stage but the process was amazing. Clicks for you! (PS...I don't mind them at all except when I see news stories of how people will cook and eat them...uggghhh!)

One of The Guys said...

I enjoyed the video. Never heard of that band, although they remind me of a band from the 80s. Damn, I can't think of the name, but the lead singer reminded me of the other lead singer.

Great, it's been a word retrieval problem day already and it's only 8:30am!