Aug 29, 2010

Block Party With Excess Baggage

The City of Hampton (in Virginia) hosts block parties every week-end during the summer months. Actually, I don't frequent those parties since I don't live in that city but my family and I went there last night to check out the free show there featuring EXCESS BAGGAGE.

If you've been following my blog, you might've noticed my frequent posts about VANQUISH - my favorite local metal band. Well, you know that the band bade us farewell at the very end of 2009 (yes, it still breaks my heart). But Greer Cawthon, who sang lead for Vanquish, has been very busy with his new band EXCESS BAGGAGE. I took a few pictures which I thought I'd share here.

The band was awesome! Greer's voice is so versatile. He was excellent with Vanquish, but the variety of songs that he sang last night with Excess Baggage really demonstrates the range of his vocal talents. The backing vocals provided by the other band members blended in really well with his voice, too. I must say, the audience was really getting into the groove. You could see people of all ages having fun dancing and singing along. The energy of the band seemed endless.

If you get the opportunity to catch a show with EXCESS BAGGAGE, I can guarantee you will enjoy the performance and have a great time, too. You probably won't be able to sit still because their rocking sound is gonna make you wanna get up there and sing or dance (or both!). Check out the band schedule at Excess Baggage Rocks on Myspace. You can also find them on Facebook.
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