Aug 25, 2010

Feathered Couples in our Family

These two cockatiels are my Tweety and Tinkerbell. If you check back in my June post, you can read back on how I got them. Aren't they so sweet? I think I kinda surprised them here with my cell phone camera. They look like they're saying, "What do you think you're doing here?!" Or maybe, "Excuse me!"

This next pair belong to my sister, Veronica, who helped me pick up my cockatiels in May. These two are named Kiwi - one is Kiwi Girl (the one on the right) and the other is Kiwi Boy (the one on the left). Sadly, she is still missing Blackjack, her black capped conure that flew away in April. She got Kiwi Boy the same day I got my cockatiels so that her Kiwi Girl wouldn't get lonely while Blackjack is gone. The two Kiwis hit it off together well, though, as you can see.

By the way, the pictures below are of my sister's missing Blackjack.  In case you or anyone you know in the Virginia peninsula or surrounding areas may have seen Blackjack (or came across a posting from someone trying to find his owner), I thought I'd post it here.  He answers to his name and sometimes even says it in his sleep.  Please feel free to leave a message here or comment here if you have any info.  

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