Jun 8, 2010

Two Birds, Two Thoughts, Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and if you're a regular visitor on my blog you may already know what that means. That means it's time for a Top Sites Tuesday post contribution to BlogDumps.  It's the blogging community unlike any other!  Check out the fun blogs to read and if you blog, please share your site with the community.  The more the merrier, I say!

This week, I thought I'd share a little something about my new birds - two cockatiels I got last month from a lady from Norfolk, Virginia. My sister found her listing on Craigslist. Before this, I had never checked out anything on Craigslist.  But my sister forwarded me this lady's ad which included two pictures of her birds and I could not stop thinking about them, especially after all the fun I had at the Bird Show on Mother's Day.   I thought about it really hard. We already have a dog and two cats for our family. So would I really want to adopt two birds?

Tinkerbell on the swing and Tweety on the perch.

Well I did my research about cockatiels (thank goodness for the Internet!) and finally decided that I couldn't I pass up this opportunity.  Besides that, they also came with their beautiful cage which had colors that perfectly matched my living room/dining room decor.  To me, that was a sign!  So I went for it and got in touch with the lady who posted the ad.  After two days, my sister (a more experienced bird owner than I) helped me pick them up.

Next thought - I still plan on sewing a nice red skirt for the stand.  Something to match my red and white curtains would be perfect!  I've already got the material and thread.  Now off to designing the patterns for the skirt...

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