Aug 24, 2010

What's on your fridge?

This week, Blogdumps is asking us "What's on your fridge?"  I wish I could say I had a fancy built in stereo to listen to my favorite rock music tracks while I cook.  But nah...that's just not so.  I still have to turn up the volume on my living room stereo if I wanna rock out while I cook.  At least we've got the stereo system facing the direction of the kitchen and dining room so the sound comes in nice (loud) and clear.

I was gonna take a picture of my actual fridge but's kind of a messy assortment of magnets, artwork, photos, bottle opener, grocery list, last school year's lunch menu, and whatever else my kids want to put on display.  Now that's just the sides of the fridge!

What about what's on the top of the fridge? you really want to know?  Yeah, it's the hiding place for some of the candy we adults try to hide (unsuccessfully) from the kids, spare night light bulbs, the beer bottle sweaters (or sleeves - whatever you wanna call them), and the George Foreman grill my husband uses on occasion (when I'm not cooking).  It's also kind of become somewhat of a catch-all for loose ends we pick up around the kitchen area and don't get around to putting away (I blame my husband - hehehe!).

On the other hand, I'm guilty of putting stuff up there, too.  It's because I kind of like to make the top of the fridge a less inviting place for the cats to sleep on.  I love my cats but I don't like them up on the countertops or cabinet areas.  Seriously, who wants litter box paws all over the food preparation area?  Eeewww!  Besides that, the cats have other places I think they should prop themselves on (like that expensive cat tower in the family room or the nice comfy sectional in the living room).

So that's what my fridge looks like.  Let's open it up and get something to eat now.  Oh, on second thought, maybe we'll do that some other week.  LOL! 

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oldereyes said...

I'm surprised any strategy influences where your cats go. Ours go pretty much where they want no matter what we do. But so far, they're uninterested in the fridge top. Nice post.


Bud aka Older Eyes

AngelBaby said...

I love your magnets, they are so cute. I would love to have a sterio on my fridge but there is no room for one. LoL!

Here's your click .........

Love and Blessings,

Trina said...

A radio on the fridge... now that's an Idea! I have to turn up my living room radio to hear music when I cook too, so I can sympathize!

It's funny, now that I think about it, when everyone was in school the fridge was always covered with stuff... report cards, drawings, notes for me, notes for them, reminders, grocery lists LOL

Clicks for you!

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy
I have seen a fridge with a TV screen, you might be able to get a music channel on it hehehe.

This was a great post, clicks for you and the cats!


Nancy Cleveland said...

Hey, Liggy...great post! Like Trina, I can understand the music thing so our music is also directed towards the hub of the house but with the bird's tv...since it is broadband we get a great variety of music channels and genres so that helps. I did post a response to your quesion re the birds tv...check it I feel as you do about the cats on counters etc. but have to say Bud pretty much said it Cats do as they darn well please! Clicks for you! Loved the post!