Dec 6, 2009

Check out Eliethel

Photo from Eliethel's MySpace Profile

When I'm not rocking out to my favorite hard rock and heavy metal bands, I like to have ambient music playing in the background while I work or play. Good ambient music to me is one that you can listen to without getting a headache and without falling asleep. Some electronica and experimental genres make excellent ambient sounds. So do some soft rock music.

Pop artists I've normally liked to listen to while I work are Chicago, Bread, Cusco, Yanni, Enya, Air Supply, Spandau Ballet, and perhaps so many more. There are also some local musicians with full-length albums that meet my ambient music needs (experimental industrial rock musicians Reaver - whom I wrote about before - and local artist and musician Shipiboconibo - whom I have known thru MySpace and YouTube.

I recently came across an independent Greek musician named Eliethel, whose electronic-based music truly deserves notice. You can stream some of her music on her Official Eliethel MySpace page or order her music online at iTunes and AmazonStreams.

I also think it's worth checking out Eliethel's YouTube site as well. The visualizations accompanying her track Silent Talk, which is my personal favorite among her tunes, really give your eyes a peaceful yet enjoyable stimulation. I'm really enjoying my new discovery in music - Eliethel rocks!


LC Stevens said...

She sounds very nice. Looks pretty too.

ShipiboConibo said...

Hey Liggy! Thanks for the mention! :P

Liggy said...

:D You're welcome, Adam...I forgot to include some links to your music when I posted the blog entry. I just added them now so that curious folks who read this can easily find you and hear what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Will check her music out...sounds like something I looking for.