May 30, 2009

Reaver Comments Back

A few weeks ago, I posted an entry about a local industrial music band called Reaver and I even let them know about it through their myspace page. Surprisingly, they actually took the time to check out my blog post and commented back on my MySpace page. Here's the comment that "R" posted back regarding my entry:

Wow, I'm really impressed now! If you've taken the time to listen to Reaver's music then you'll know why I'm really awed by R's talent...being able to get an entire album together (music, composition, vocals, etc.) all by himself! Reminds me of Prince. We all know he can play anything, too. Musical geniuses! Man, I wish could play musical instruments that well. I play piano, ukelele, recorder, organ, and a teeny bit of guitar but not well enough to perform professionally. (Sigh!)

By the way, Reaver has made their first album, Age of Babalon, available as a free download on their website. Or, you can CLICK HERE. Age of Babalon is a collection of Reaver's earlier music and experimental styles. The track listing is: 1. New Babalon 2. Alchemical Suicide 3. Desert Sun 4. GODrone 5. Cold 6. Xenobyte 7. Persephone 8. Vestiges of Stability 9. Strength 10. Samael. You've got to get it!!!
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